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Marketing Is The Heartbeat of Any Business. Through Our Advance Strategy Ranking Websites Higher In The Search Engine, We Made Those Invisible Businesses Visible.
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With Online Visibility, People Who Are Googling For Solution For Their Problems Can Now Find You On The Top Spot of Google. With The Increase Number of People You Serve, Your Revenue Increases.
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We Understand That Each Business Is Unique And Need To Be Catered Differently By Implementing The Right Marketing Strategy That Suits The Nature of The Business.
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There Is No Use If You Blindly Targeting Anybody To Your Website. We Know The Right Audience To Focus On – Audience That Will Convert.
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We Know Converting Factors Really Well. Driving Quality Traffic Alone Is Not Enough If They Don’t Convert Into Customers. Our Web Development Team Are Highly Specialized In Increasing Your Website Conversion.
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We Avoid Black Hat Tactics At All Cost. We Knew That White Hat Techniques Has Been Tested Through Time & They Worked Regardless Any Google Updates. Long Term Rankings, Long Term Business.
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While Waiting For Your Website To Rank, We Also Include PPC Marketing In Our Package To Track Conversion Rate In Advance While You Can Instantly Have New Customers As Our Services Started.
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We Always Keep Our Clients Up To Date With Any Changes In Online Marketing And Provide Them Recommendations In Order To Secure Their Business With Our Monthly Ranking Reports & Noteworthy News.
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We Deliver A Long Term & Solid Results. That’s What Keep Our Clients Stay Longer With Us. Weighing Clients For Extended Commitment Is Not Our Approach.
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“As someone who also do SEO, I am amazed how XTRAMILES always have some inconceivable insights & methods that I could never think of. This is probably their strongest trait that makes them stood out from their competitors.”

“I know XTRAMILES is true to their words in delivering their job, it’s not the only factor why I considered to work with them. What more important are, how long-term my keywords are going to rank, and how safe their methods are to my site’s health. I heard some people picked the wrong guy, their sites got penalized by Google and nowhere could be found on the search engine anymore. My site was in a good care with XTRAMILES.”

Our Results Speak For Themselves

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO or search engine optimisation is the science of putting your website on the first page of Google.

Have you ever Googled something to find a product, service or solution? We bet you do. If you’re looking for something on Google, chances are you’ll most likely to click on top websites that Google suggested on the first page. Rarely people turn to page 2 or 3 to find what they’re looking for.

What if people are searching for solution for their problems and found your business to be on top? You’ll probably get the most clicks ie most traffic, some of the traffic might turn into customers. That is how your business grow.

Apart from increasing revenue via driving traffic to your website, SEO is also great for branding. People finding your company on top of the search engine ranking would mean that your brand is one of the top players in your industry.

With SEO we can target certain buying intent keywords. For example; emergency handyman, buy bicycle online, Seagate hard disk price, land for sale in Putrajaya etc. If people are searching for these kind of keywords, they are in high probability of becoming customers. Rather than just popping ads to strangers, SEO definitely have an edge in term of targeting compared to other online marketing methods.

Usually it will take around 3-6 months depending on competition. The higher the competition the more time it’ll need to rank.

We do include Adwords Marketing* campaign to first measure what keywords would bring most customers to your business. Hence you can instantly have new customers as our services started. Then we’ll use that profitable keywords to rank organically. This is what set us apart from other SEO experts out there. By assigning XTRAMILES Consulting as your SEO consultant, you don’t have to wait month after month until your website ranked and see the return of your investment.

*Adwords Marketing is a paid advertising platform provided by Google that appears on top of the organic search ranking and are labeled as [Ad]. Terms & conditions apply.

SEO is another great marketing channel to increase your business presence especially online. You’re probably missing on a lot of potential customers by by not considering search engine marketing as a part of your marketing strategy. All the biggest brands in the world invest & diversify in a lot of marketing channel, you should too, if you refuse to stay at the same level.

We’ve worked with quite a number of clients and we haven’t yet experienced such issue. All of our client’s websites are still ranking very well for years now. If that for no reason happen, we’ll still be running Google Adwords for you to generate continuous prospects for your business. Rest assure that your money is in good hands.

Never Lose Customer To Your Competitors Again 

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